Thursday, 16 August 2007

Manually sorting pictures in iPhoto 08

So I've been playing with iPhoto a bit more over the past couple of days but the one thing that I'd like to do I haven't been able to and thats manually sort photos within an event.

The problem is that when you double-click the event to access the photos it contains and then go to the view -> arrange by -> menu option, the option to sort manually is greyed out. I've tried this on various events and libraries with the same results on them all.

A quick search on the internet revealed that I'm not the only person having this problem and although a workaround exists on the Apple discussion forums, its just that a workaround, so lets hope that Apple fixes it soon.

One good point that I have came across though and perhaps this is something that was generally known and only I missed it, is that keywords seem to be unique to the library, which is great news for me as I tend to break our photos into libraries such as holidays, family events and so on. Which means that I can now add keywords like beach, sightseeing and views without having to worry about them popping up in the wedding library.

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laurie53089 said...

It's now December 2009 and iPhoto has not developed a manual sort! Ugh. I downloaded scanned slides. On the dvd I was given, the slides are in order, but when I downloaded they scrambled them up within events. No idea why this would happen. It will be hard for me to even determine the correct order...I'm bummed.