Thursday, 13 September 2007

Play Czech games in English from CDProjekt

CDProjekt is a firm here in the Czech Republic that localises games into Czech. Ive found a way to revert these games back into English, or at least I have managed to do this with two titles so far, Company of Heroes and Supreme Commander, though I suspect that it may also be the case in other CDProjekt games.

To revert Supreme Commander back into English do the following;
  • Navigate to "C:\Program Files\\gamedata"
  • Locate the file loc_CZ.scd
  • Rename this to something like loc_CZ.scd.old
  • Now when you next start the game, the menu's /text will be in English.
For Company of Heroes its a little more involved as the file required to convert the game into English isnt included with the game itself but can be obtained by downloading and installing the English demo (which is complicated but what I did). I might post a link to the file here later on if I find out that its ok to do so. The specific file thats needed is called RelicCOH.English.ucs.

To convert the Company of Heroes CZ into English, do the following;
  • Navigate to "C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\Engine\Locale\Czech"
  • Rename the file RelicCOH.Czech.ucs to RelicCOH.Czech.ucs.old
  • Copy the english version of the file RelicCOH.English.ucs into the directory
  • When you next start the game, it will be entirely in English.
NOTE - Patching:

To patch the game, always use the official patches from the CDProjekt site and patch in order, from the first patch to the last.

Before patching, remove the RelicCOH.English.ucs file from the directory it is located in to your desktop temporarily and rename the RelicCOH.Czech.ucs.old file back to its original name (remove .old). If you don't do this, then the patch will fail to install.

If you forget, it shouldnt be a problem, just remove/rename the local files and try patching again.