Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Leopard confirmed for Oct 26th

So today Apple officially confirmed that Leopard will be release on October 26th (link : TUAW). I have to admit that Im quite looking forward to it but Im still debating how to go about the installation.

What I mean by this is that Im debating doing a total clean install of OSX plus apps, plus windows plus apps, or just trying to upgrade my existing Tiger installation. Usually with a new OS I tend to do a complete clean install but as we have a baby on the way, due in a 5 weeks, Im not sure I'll have the time (or energy) to do this.

I know that some of you are probably reminding me of the migration assistant right now but I had a "bad" experience using it in the past when migrating data from my powerbook to my MBP. Basically it copied all of the crud over that I'd so carefully avoided installing on my MBP from the system folders - grrr.

Still I have backups of both of my OS'es so it might not be a bad idea to experiment in the interests of science and try an upgrade first.

Ive pre-ordered my copy from the UK store, so hopefully I will have it before the end of October.

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