Thursday, 29 May 2008

Just some waffle

Im really quite tired today, our daughter had a bad night yesterday and so slept very little, which of course meant that we didnt get to sleep either. Its easy to say take it in turns but just lately she seems to have developed a cry that can penetrate brick walls, doors and the sound barrier, which makes it difficult for the other partner to pretend nothing is happening, at least until exhaustion kicks in.

We're not sure why shes getting so upset just lately though, as we have kept to the same rhythm for a couple of weeks now, our best guess is teeth. Hopefully tonight will be better and she'll get some rest, hope so at least as Im not too sure how long I will last today.

On the tech side I havent done too much today to be honest, Ive been working from home via Citrix, occasionally pitching in to help look after Ellie and trying not to fall asleep on the keyboard. I did update my MBP and my wife's MB to 10.5.3 in the wee hours of this morning though and at the moment all seems good, although earlier mine seemed a bit sluggish.

I also came across Quake: Enemy Territory today and it looks quite good, plus they have a mac version and from the screens it seems that it could even replace BF2. The problem is that I cant find anywhere here that sells it and ordering it online from the UK or US seems a bit drastic and none of the online services like direct2drive have a mac option which is a bit sad. I guess its just a sign though that despite the drastic increase in market share that macs/Apple are gaining it still has little traction as a gaming platform. Guess I will just have to do some digging in some of the local resellers or go the Amazon route.

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