Monday, 14 July 2008

Microsoft Memory Mouse 8000

I recently picked up a new mouse as the title explains :) and I have to say that so far Im quite happy with it. Its a wireless notebook mouse with a rechargeable battery, it can be used as a standard notebook wireless mouse, i.e. with a USB dongle or you can switch it to bluetooth mode if your notebook supports it and fore go the dongle.

There are some nice things with this mouse though compared to previous ones that I have owned or used, first of all, the dongle also doubles as a 1GB USB disk, which is nice as I always hated losing a port just for the mouse. Secondly it has magnets on the end, which you attach a cable to and the other end you connect to magnets on the underside of the mouse, this then enables your notebook to charge the mouse and in the meantime you can continue to use it as a standard tethered mouse. The first initial charge takes 8 hours or something but afterwards 15 minutes is supposed to be enough for a whole day.

Another good thing with it is that the mouse is supported by windows and by OS X, so has no issues switching between operating systems when Im dual-booting.

I noticed some posts on the internet that there are problems apparently with pairing the mouse but I can say that I havent came across this at all. For me on my Leopard 10.5.4 system I did the following;

Installed the intellipoint drivers
Started bluetooth on the MBP
Took the cover off the bottom of the mouse and held the connect button until the mouse led started to flash green and red
Started the add device wizard from the bluetooth menu on the mbp
I chose mouse and then told it not to use a passkey
After a few seconds the mouse connected and that was it.

The only thing that I havent found a solution for is when I start the MBP and BT, I have to search for the mouse again (not pair it, it already is recognised) it just doesnt pick it up automatically, whereas windows xp does. Something to play with I guess but so far Im quite happy with it.

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