Sunday, 12 August 2007

iApps released

So the latest versions of the iApps are out, namely iLife 08 and iWork 08. I have to say that so far they dont look too bad based on what Ive read so far on the net. Ive already ordered my copies from the Apple store in the UK.

This brings to mind something that doesnt quite make sense for me though, Ive never understood why the Apple store here in the Czech Republic takes 3-5 weeks to get new software after release. It would be nice if Apple arranged for shipments to be made in advance of announcements but even so, I wouldnt expect it to take more than a week if they shipped after the announcement. A minor gripe at the end of the day but still frustrating.

Hopefully my copies will arrive on Monday, although most of the torrent sites have links up already. Actually Apple is officially offering a downloadable demo from its site thats good for 30 days, though Ive seen some posts on the net stating that if you remove a certain .pref file the 30 day count resets itself.

In the meantime there are some reviews and first looks up at and to whet your appetite if youre still waiting to receive your discs as I am.

The one thing that I havent noticed though is anyone talking much about the installation process but it could be that I simply havent looked hard enough. I understand that iWork will install onto your mac and leave the current version alone, so you will have to remove it if you no longer want it. The new version also seems to take up less space but I havent had chance to check this yet.

As for iLife my understanding so far is that this does replace the current version with the exception of imovie as the new one doesnt have as many themes etc as the old one and also doesnt run on some of the older G4 macs.

I'll post some more once I receive my discs.

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