Friday, 29 February 2008

New Macbook Pro - the story so far...

I managed to install the new drive and the new memory into the new MBP (thats a lot of new) yesterday, despite having to stop halfway through and soothe a crying baby.

The install itself went fine and was exactly the same as the last time that I did it, so no worries or problems there.

So I connected the new MBP to the old, used disk image to partition the drive, set GUID as the partition type and got ready to clone the drive from the old mbp to the new.

Where I am having issues though is in restoring the system to the drive. I thought that the best way to do it, would be to simply connect both of the MBP's together via firewire and then using superduper, image the drive from the old one to the new one. Piece of cake right?

Well after 4 hours it was still only 30% or so of the way through, it usually takes 2-3 hours to do a full backup to my external drive, so this seemed a bit weird but I just went to bed in the hope that it would be ready in the morning.

So about 4 hours later (babies tend not to let you sleep), I came to check on it and the screensaver had started on the old mbp, when I tried to remove it/log in, I got the SBOD. After half an hour the SBOD was still there so I made the assumption (wrongly) that it was finished and rebooted the new MBP.

As soon as it rebooted the SBOD vanished on the old one and I could see that superduper was probably only about 70% of the way through after 8 hours. I didnt want to be that long without the computer again so I thought that I would try carboncopycloner to see if its faster.

So I reconnect the new mbp via firewire, start disk utility, erase and partition the drive again and then start carboncopycloner. I get the same thing, its been around 4 hours now and its on about 40-45%, I know that firewire isnt the fastest kid on the block these days but it does seem to be taking longer than I thought.

During the copy process the screensaver kicked in again (I forgot to disable it being tired) and again I got a SBOD when I tried to get back in but after about 20 minutes I got the password prompt and so was able to log in and disable it until the copying is done.

I guess the morale of the story here is that I should have put the drive in an enclosure and imaged to it that way but it still would have been over firewire. The other moral is of course to disable screensavers when performing an op like this.

I'll just stick with it now and let it finish but in the meantime Im stuck using my wifes Dell laptop.

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