Sunday, 2 March 2008

MBP is up and running

An update to my last post below, I was seeing the same speed issues (or lack thereof) with CarbonCopyCloner as with SuperDuper!, after about 4 hours it was still only on 30 or 40% and I couldnt or rather didnt want to wait a whole day for the computer to be ready.

So I did what I should have done from the start and opened up the new Macbook Pro again, took the drive out and put it into an enclosure, I then used SuperDuper! to clone the drive from the old MBP to the new drive in the enclosure. The whole process took around 3 hours for 170GB.

I then put the drive back into the new MBP and booted up, boot was a little slow the first time but since then its been working perfectly.

The problem was that I was trying to make my life easier, having a baby in the house and so as a result not having as much time to focus on the computer as before, I decided it would be faster and easier to mount the new drive into the new MBP, which obviously wasnt the case - I guess for me the moral of the story is to stop and think a bit more next time, which if I had, would have made me realise that the enclosure was the way to go from the start.

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