Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Dual Turbines (for speed?)

Due to the testing Ive been doing with GOW, COD4 and HL2 etc, Ive spent some time in XP on my MBP and noticed how when playing games that the fans were kicking in full blast. Needless to say in a house with a baby (and a wife), this isnt always conducive to good relations but it seems that there isnt a fan solution available under winx for the MBP to manage this (if Im wrong about this please let me know and share the solution).

I came across a work around of sorts though, if you install SMCFanControl (a free utility - check for it on version tracker, Im using version 2) under OS X to set a fan speed, then restart the computer into Windows XP, the fan speeds carry over.

So for example if Im in OSX and I fancy playing something, I open up smcfancontrol, select my gaming preset (fans at 4000 rpm) and then restart into windows xp. Dont worry this doesnt put the fans into these speed and keep them there, rather they start at 2000rpm and ramp up but when they do, they still seem a lot quieter than when running xp without smcfancontrol.

Hope this will be useful for someone too.

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