Sunday, 2 March 2008

Parallels or VMWare?

One thing that I noticed on my old MBP was that it was taking a while to shutdown each time. I looked in the console and the only thing I can see there, is at the end of the shutdown cycle parallels is closing its connections/devices etc.

Before I put the new drive into the new MBP, I booted it up with the factory installed drive and afterwards when I shut it down, it was so fast that I at first I thought something must be wrong. This again put me on the trail of finding out what was slowing my old MBP and now my new one that its running the cloned image and again I ended up on Parallels.

Can any of you out there using parallels confirm this? Is the same also true for vmware? Ive downloaded the demo for vmware and am thinking of uninstalling parallels and trying that to see but I thought first of all that I would ask and see if anyone has similar experiences.

Any comments?

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