Sunday, 20 April 2008

Front Row Plugins

I came across a couple of really useful Front Row plugins today totally by accident while browsing for something else.

The first addresses something that I mentioned in a previous post which is the ability to show posters and movie info for files in your movies folder, just as the movie trailers do in Front Row. Its called Sapphire and can be downloaded from here, make sure to check out the screenshots and the manual.

The next plugin(s) are for EyeTV and Front Row, it basically adds menu options in Front Row and EyeTV to allow you to switch between the two gracefully, its called PyeTV and is available from here.

The final plugin allows ads to be skipped in EyeTV recordings but I havent had opportunity to try this yet but it can be found here.

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Cream Horn Records said...

Cheers for that! Good find!