Friday, 4 April 2008

Just some waffle

Nothing new today Im afraid, Ive been too busy at work the past couple of days to even contemplate messing around with anything on the MBP.

I also just finished watching Ashes to Ashes series 1, which wasnt bad but Life on Mars was much more... profound or at least it had a bigger impact on me than ashes to ashes. Still I enjoyed it and Im looking forward to series 2 when it comes out next year.

Today is also the day that BSG series 4 starts finally, so Im looking forward to that.

Anyway in the world of computers Ive downloaded the Bento demo but havent managed to install it yet, though Im curious to see what it can do.

You know, theres one application that I would like to see on the Mac and Im not sure if it exists or not, perhaps it does but I would like to see an app that would scan my movies folder for any films in there and then would just display that movies poster as a big thumbnail (as opposed to the 1st frame of the movie), clicking on the movie would "zoom" the post to a large size and display the details for it and then pressing play would start it.

I guess basically what I am talking about is the way that the original frontrow worked but with a touch more functionality. I much preferred seeing all of the films posters than the way it currently works and furthermore, the current version doesnt always display all of a films info which is a shame.

Still if something like this existed as a standalone app that would just pick up on any folder(s) that you told it too, would go to the net to retrieve info and would work in fullscreen with the apple remote (or via remote buddy), I would be a happy person indeed.

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