Saturday, 5 April 2008

Slow shutdown with Leopard and hibernate

Just for kicks yesterday, I reset my hibernatemode to 3 as I had previously set it to 0 as outlined in one of my posts below.

Interestingly enough, my MBP now shuts down just as quickly as it did when I had hibernatemode set to 0 and thats also without having to eject my windows bootcamp partition. 

At the moment I have no idea why this is the case, I still have to check my log files but I thought I would share the info at least.


Bob said...

My old black MacBook was starting to get a bit rusty. After all it was like at least 6 months old! So I got a new 2.4GHz/250GB one a couple of days ago. OK. WORK got a bunch of them and I just "upgraded". :) So a clean Leopard install with nothing else installed yet, except for all of the Apple updates has no problem shutting down with hibernate turned on or Airport on. There were rumblings about one of the recent updates causing slow shutdowns somewhere on the Net, but it doesn't look like it to me. I've reinstall some of my old stuff and still no problems.

I wonder if we'll ever know what is going on? :)


TazStructor said...

Did one of you installed MacFuse/NTFS-3G ?

I have exactly the same problem as what you describe, and remembered it appeared few time after installing those two programs ...

That would explain why unmounting the BootCamp patition helps the computer shuting down, or am I wrong ???

Andrew Proudlove said...

Hi guys,
Sorry for the delay, it seems that I keep getting side tracked these days.

Anyways - Bob - Congrats on the new MB :) Its a nice deal if your company does that. Mine is stuck in windows land Im afraid and will be for a long time yet. I feel the same as you though, Im starting to wonder if I will ever get to the bottom of this and also getting fed up with the thought of looking for the cause. After all we got Macs because theyre supposed to be reliable and just work right? This kind of trouble-shooting we left behind in windows land... or so I thought.

My MBP started to slow down again yesterday, so Ive just deleted and recreated the sleepimage again and we'll see if it makes a difference.

Maybe I need to go your route and just reinstall though?

Hi, thanks for posting, youre right I had MacFuse/NTFS-3G installed and came to the same conclusion, that this would explain why unmounting windows worked.

Except.. I then uninstalled Macfuse and NTFS-3G totally and it was still slow to shutdown. That was when Bob pointed me to the sleepimage and hibernatemode etc which seemed to resolve the problem as well.

So now there are two "solutions" it seems, one unmount the Bootcamp partition and two, switch off hibernation but neither really point to the cause and my log files at least also dont help.

So Im open to ideas if anyones got some :)

Take care guys

MrBlonde said...

Manually unmounting the Windows partition from Finder seems to solve the problem, if I do this my MacBook takes less than 10 seconds to shut down, otherwise it will take more than half a minute.

But I wonder if there is an automatic way of doing this, unmounting the Windows partition, or simply not mounting it (which I find better, as I hardly use the NTFS partition), but I haven't come up with any proper solution for this.

Anyway, that Windows partition is really the cause of the slowdown.