Friday, 18 April 2008

Uninstalling games in Crossover Games

As promised heres how to uninstall games from Crossover games and then uninstall the application itself for those of you interested.

  • On the Crossover games menu, select Configure and Manage Bottles
  • Select the bottle on the left hand side
  • On the right hand pane, click the applications tab
  • Under the applications tab, select the application to uninstall, in my case Starcraft
  • Click Repair or Remove
  • The games uninstaller should appear (it did for SC) 
  • Click uninstall and after a couple of seconds the installer should finish

Now the bottle will remain there so that you can install into it again if you wish, if you dont, then on the left hand side make sure that the correct bottle is selected again and click the minus symbol in the bottom left hand corner to delete it.
Confirm the delete and that should be it.

I tried this for BF2 and everything worked as described as above except that after the uninstallation had successfully completed, Crossover games quit unexpectedly. I relaunched it and checked the BF2 bottle and there were two directx runtimes listed but the uninstall option for them was greyed out, so I just removed the bottle entirely.

Finally I removed Diablo 2 and this also went without a hitch.

So it seems that uninstalling games is not too difficult, the hdd also reported the space as being recovered which was good to see.

I then used Appzapper to remove Crossover games and that was pretty much that. 

I look forward to the next encounter though - to be honest it reminds me of when I tried some Linux distros a couple of years back, they were huge improvements but not quite ready for prime time like some of them are now and I have the same impression from Crossover as I have already mentioned but it is getting closer and closer each time.

Still at the end of the day, I didnt find a way to solve my Diablo 2 fix, so I guess I will just have to get upgraded discs for that too...

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